LED Slim Lightbox
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LED Slim Lighbox
Snap Open LED lightbox Series that share the characteristics such as Snap-lock image holder, easy to replace artwork, cost-effective. This type of lightbox is mostly used in Point of Sales display applications in locations such as Restaurant, Cafe, Saloon, showroom, retails, chian Store and Department Store where artwork is constantly changing. 

Snap open type - easy to replace artwork

LED estimated over 20000 hours of lifespan 

With adjustable hanger for easy fix on wall 


LED Slim lightbox  
A1 size
  • Code: Di06-068
  • Frame size: 605 x 900mm
  • Picture size: 594 x 841mm

LED Slim lightbox A2 size
  • Code: Di06-067
  • Frame size: 490 x 606mm
  • Picture size: 420 x 594mm

LED Slim lightbox A3 size
  • Code: Di06-066
  • Frame size: 297 x 420mm
  • Picture size: 297 x 420mm


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