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Perforated FilmVERTAC

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VERTAC series digital printing media produced by innovative double side polycoated production technics.

It offers excellent facefilm flattening and printability while solving facefilm shrinking and edge-rolling problem with
well know adhesion.

Our media division providing slitting service for all the media to any of the sizes You needs.


Model: GP1440 
Type: Vertac One-way Sticker 
Size: 1.27m x 50m 

Perforated Vinyl Technical Information

Type: PVC Calendered monomeric soft PVC film

Thickness: 140±10um

Color Code: White

Back: Black

Shrinkage: ¨Q0.6%

Opacity: >99%

Holes No: Average 130/sq in

Hole Diameter: 1.62mm

Distance Between Holes : Left-Right 1.25mm , Up-Down 2.0mm

Hole Space: 40%


Type: Clear solvent based pressure sensitive glue

Weight(g/©O): 28±5

Adhesion Temperature: 15¡æ~40¡æ

180°Peeling Force: ¨R5N/25mm £¨FTM1£©

Initial Adhesion- Loop Tack ¨R2N/25MM*25MM£¨FTM9£©

Holding Power: ¨R800min (FTM8£©

Removable Durability: Three months cleanly removable glue on clean glass surface at temperature of 23~25¡æ and RH of 50~60%


Type: Single PE coated laminated paper(Additional Liner)

Color: White

Weight: 150g±10g/©O

Release Force: 0.05~0.20N/25mm

Storage Period

12 months under ordinary condition at temperature of 22¡æ and relative humidity of 50-55%


One way vision£ºOutdoor digital and silk screen printing media for vehicle graphics, airport

graphics, subway window, platform graphics, glass walls of building and signage display


Compatibility of machines and ink

Media is suitable for all solvent and eco solvent digital printers with heating system including Inks should be the original inks from the printer manufacturers. The best printing temperature is 35-40¡æ.

Warranty and Limitation

VERTAC products are manufactured with high quality raw materials and advanced technology & equipment,

guaranteed by serious and scientific quality control system. All Xusen products are warranted to be free of defects

in materials and manufacture at the time of shipment and to meet the product specification. Should there is any

product defects caused by manufacturer, compensation will be limited within certain product price.

Data above are updated results and conclusions of test by Xusen and is subject to change without prior


VERTAC is not responsible for all the performance of this material for a given application, The users of

materials should perform their own testing to determine the suitability of the material for the intended use.

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