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A Next-Generation, Direct-to-Package Solution

The T3-OPX represents a next-generation, direct-to-package solution. Offering superior, wide-format print capabilities at fast speeds, and the ability to print on a variety of materials like postcards, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks, or thicker objects like blister envelopes or folded boxes ready for shipment, and more, the T3-OPX allows for late-stage customization and packaging and design versatility.

Conveyor Table or Printing Equipment Manufacturers

Want to integrate the print module with your equipment? The print module lends itself to easy integrations with 3rd party equipment. Our technical team can assist you with drawings, I/O controls, software APIs, and all necessary documentation to make the integration process effortless. You can tailor a solution to meet your customer’s unique needs faster than ever before.

  • Pigmented inks

  • 11.7” print width (297 mm)

  • CMYK cartridges 

  • Up to 18 ips (27 m/min)

  • Up to 1200x1200 dpi (optimized from 600dpi input dpi)

  • Excellent UV and water fastness on uncoated media

  • Complete integrated print head and ink delivery system

What Makes It Different?

The T3-OPX is the perfect direct-to-package printing solution, providing the flexibility to customize and print directly onto a wide range of materials with ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, postcards, envelopes, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks, or thicker objects like blister envelopes or folded boxes ready for shipment. The T3-OPX automates the product handling and printing process, resulting in greater efficiency and higher profitability for all businesses, including large brand owners or commercial printers.

Key Print Attributes

Full-color, single-pass direct-to-package printing directly onto materials with flat ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, paperboard, boxes, paper bags, envelopes, folded cartons, wood panels, etc.

Durable pigmented inks tested for superb lightfastness, water, and scratch resistance on a wide range of printable materials

Print width of up to 11.7” (297 mm), supporting a wide range of product sizes on a single device

Versatility to expand your products and services, including sustainable and customized packaging options, attracting customers with private labeling for seasonal or promotional products

Pair the T3-OPX with the VF-280 high-speed feeder for seamless job-switching and high-capacity volume.

Product Specification :

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