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KGT-2500A Scanning Digital Corrugated Printer

Epson I3200-A Print Head

Print Speed: up to 700 sqm/hr

Material thickness: 2 - 30 mm

Print Width: up to 2500mm

Automatic loading length: 1450 mm

Ink Features: 4-color, inkjet width 264mm, water based ink

Able to print onto corrugated paper, wrapping paper, kraft paper, honeycomb paper

One pass and Multi pass techonology optional

No pre-coating, flexible and convenient, safe and eco-friendly


KGT-2500A Scanning Digital Corrugated Printer For Carton Box and Package Printing

KGT-2500A as KINGT entry-level classic scanning digital printing machine, is specially designed for corrugated cardboard. Using Epson I3200-A1 inkjet printhead, the basic accuracy is 600dpi, and the maximum printing width is 2500mm. Printing speed can up to 700O/h, suitable for various kinds of corrugated cardboard such as yellow and white cattle cardboard, honeycomb board, wrapping paper, kraft paper, etc. Meanwhile, water-based dye ink and water-based pigment waterproof ink are optional, more applications available, spot color combination, wider color gamut, improve the printing color quality greatly. Avoiding the waste water pollution of vonventional printing presses due to debugging and plate washing.

KGT-2500A is industrial scanning digital corrugated printer, which delivery high quality and high speed. Multi Pass high-precision scanning to print large-size, large-area, high-precision, full-color carton orders, covering more than 70% of customer groups. Optimal choice for short and medium runs. Single-pass and multi-pass combined printing technology can meet both precision and production. Another innovation in digital printing technology!

With the KGT-2500A scanning digital corrugated printer machine, the corrugated board pass below the printhead only once time, the printing speed would be very fast for mass production. One-pass or multipass inkjet printer with CMYK 4-color channels can print the full color on the packages, like logos, patterns, and any other marks. It will help the effects on the packages of the goods.

Version cost: traditional printing system need to produce flexor, takes time and money; but KGT-2500A corrugated box digital printing machine, environmentally printing system do not need it and use inkjet printing technology.

Environmentally: traditional printing system need washing machine, produce large amounts of sewage, and produce large amount of waste flexor, pollute the environment when replace the varieties. KGT-2500A printing system use 4-color inkjet printing technology, won’t cause these problems.

Labor: traditional printing system demands worker with high request and number from the plate to the printing, its process is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, reducing production efficiency. KGT-2500A digital carton printer printing system use plate-making, computer palette and computer save, simple operation, printing on-demand, saving time and labor, high production efficiency.

Epson I3200-A High Precision Print Head

Physical precision 600dpi/ 1200dpi optional, flexible to meet the requests of different precision and ink volume.

X-axis Linear Motor
The X axis travels more accurately, to avoid the misalignment problem of reciprocating printing.

High Level Automation
Automatic feeding aims to reduce manual labor.

High-Precision Laser Eye
Imported laser eye tests the feeding position accurately.

Reliability Flat Belt Convey
The suction platform in the suction area can be adjusted, so that the paper plate can be absorbed on the surface of belt, conveying stably and ensuring the reliability of feeding.

Easy Operation & Maintenance
The operation interface is verysimple filled with humanity when start. The maintenance is easier to operate combined with structure design.





Epson I3200-A Printhead, 8H or 16H optional, Inkjet Width 264mm

Print Speed

700m²/h with material delivery (depending on the printing pattern)

RIP accuracy

600*360dpi, 600*720dpi; 1200*360dpi, 1200*720dpi


Max. Width: 2500mm, Automatic loading length: 1450mm

Print Modes

ONE PASS (compatible with multiple PASS scan print mode)

Ink Color

Standard CMYK, Water-Based Ink


3rd party RIP Software

Printer Dimesions (X*Y*Z)

4720 mm (L) x 3500 mm (loading direction)(W) x 1800 mm (H)

Printer Chassis Packing Size

4720 mm (L) x 1720 mm (W) x 1800 mm (H)

Auto Feeder Packing Size

3100 mm (L) x 1700 mm (W) x 1500 mm (H)

Wooden Box Dimensions (L*W*H)

5600 mm (L) x 2250 mm (W) x 2140 mm (H)

Space Requirement (X*Y*Z)

7100 mm (L) x 6800 mm (W) x 2500 mm (H)

Net Weight

3600 kgs

Power Requirement

3F+L+GND, 380V, 20A, 50HZ, 15KW

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 22~30°C; Relative Humidity: 40%~60%;


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