PrintLamCut Automation 4.0
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PrintLamCut Automation 4.0

How to stand out in the ever-changing printing industry? Are you ready for the transformation and upgrading of Industry 4.0 ?

Are you facing strong competition and also facing huge operating expenses, employee problems and resignation?

Proudly present the new PrintLamCut Automaton 4.0 concept powered by the world's leading printer manufacturer EPSON's with latest R5030L non-toxic & environmentally friendly Resin printing technology . And matched with the Belgian Summa F1612 top quality table cutting machine.

PrintLamCut Automaton 4.0 tailors a complete set of printing solutions and flexibly applies to most digital printing, inkjet printing, packaging printing, interior decor printing and even silk screen printing industries. Let your printing business thrive, go further!

Now it also provides up to two years EPSON + SUMMA limited warranty , allowing you to sit back and relax in the face of all transformation challenges. The multi-purpose concept of one machine will take your printing business to the next level ! 

Expand Your Business Opportunities with Epson Resin Ink Technology
Resin ink consists of water base liquid, pigment and resin.  
Completely free of harmful chemicals with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Printed applications can be used in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels.
Supports environmental certifications such as ECOLOGO, HAPs Free, REACH, Nordic Swan, GREENGUARD, French-VOC, AgBB.

Compatible With Rigid & Flexible Media
Tiled signage such as window displays and wallcoverings can be easily placed and aligned into position due to the printer's highly accurate substrate control. 
This reduces overall fitting time and the amount of failed installations on site.

Skip Curing & Laminate Directly After Printing
Contains highly-efficient drying and curing process, which allows for instant lamination. 
Enjoy the competitive advantage of delivering the final product to your clients with a much lesser turnaround time.

Summa F1612 , The most versatile flatbed cutting system ever
Summa’s Professional Flatbed Finishing System is an award-winning solution for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and more. With an ever increasing arsenal tools and optional add-ons, this is the breakthrough cutting solution you’ve been dreaming about.

Media Handling Has Never Been Easier

Pneumatic Media Advance Clamps
Pneumatically-driven media advance clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.

Vacuum Pump and Selector
The vacuum pump with sound absorber holds the material in place during the job while the selector adjusts the vacuum automatically to match the working area.

Conveyor System & Roll Support System
This conveyor system and media supply rollers allow the cutting and creasing of large lengths of flexible material to large production runs. The Roll Support System of the F2630 consists of two parts, so two smaller rolls can be loaded next to each other to maximize the workload of the machine. In combination with the Conveyor System and the media advanced clamps, the Roll Support System is ideal for processing roll material on all the Summa Flatbed Systems.




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