Recond 3S Printers

We buy, sell and trade new and used plotters, printers and equipment.
3S well known as Sale, Spare Parts & Services. Under this 3S Recond Programs, IJsb R&D division grants a second life to the used printers when the demands of the used printer increased over the years. We're not direct resale the used printers, we will recondition & refurbish an used printer from inner parts till the outer look, print head & wear & tear parts we will replace with brand new spare parts which meet the OEM standards. Most importantly every Recond Printer that sold under ProMech division will be entitled with the warranty coverage as well.
IJsb R&D division is giving an additional option for the customer who is just venture into the inkjet printing market but also need a reliable printing machine to compete with the market. To put it simple, potential customers may just give us a budget, under the resources that we can reach, we grant them a hassle-free recond printer, they simply buy & print.
That's the essence of IJsb R&D division, providing professional mechanism & truly complete machine solutions.
Recond Roland
Recond Roland
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